Ana María Galleguillos, HRBP at Connectis Chile

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

Those who know Ana María Galleguillos, married, with two daughters and a native of Chuquicamata, agree on something. Beyond her position as head of Human Resources at Connectis for the Chile office, “Anita”, as she is affectionately called, is one of the essential elements of the company and the area she leads.

Since she arrived in 2013, many things have changed, but there is something that remains to this day: the joy, respect, recognition, values and the concept of family that has been promoted within the organization all these years.

“If there is something that identifies Connectis in labor terms, it is that our collaborators see us as a second family and work in an atmosphere of joy. Here more than co-workers, we are friends and we support each other in everything. Our people’s area is always there to lend a hand and support whoever is going through some difficulty”, says Ana María, a psychologist by training.

The professional also highlights another of the hallmarks of the organization: its five values. “We are brave and authentic. We love people, we are invaded by curiosity and we are obsessed with the client, whether internal or external”.

Anita´s family

Regarding the challenges that lie ahead in the short term, Ana María emphasizes that the main thing for the company is to maintain a harmonious work environment.

“We put a lot of emphasis on treating people, we do various activities to have an entertaining environment, especially since the pandemic. We rely a lot on our team leaders, who are the project managers, the leaders of the operations area who are the ones who are in charge of the most collaborators. In short, what moves us is the good treatment of people. We have a very low turnover rate and that speaks well of what we are doing”, emphasizes the person in charge of Human Resources.

Regarding the importance of women within the company, Ana Galleguillos comments that increasing the number of women in Connectis was a challenge imposed at least 5 years ago. Although this goal was not achieved immediately at the time, after three years we can say that the objective could be met”.

Therefore, our challenge currently focuses on working to maintain the 30% achieved at the time of female representation in the organization and high-trust positions. For all of the above, the objectives and goals within the Human Resources department at Connectis are auspicious.

Anita´s family

According to Ana María, the idea is to strengthen the various areas of the company and work together, for example hand in hand with the Communication and Marketing area.

“We carry out various relationship activities, but we still need to develop them and make them known much more. She also mentions that every year, at the end of December, we do something to contribute socially, such as supporting foundations or organizations at social risk. I believe that there is an infinity of things that can be done and if I can contribute to making them materialize, I will be there”, concludes Ana María Galleguillos.

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

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