Paula Gómez, SR Practice Manager at Connectis Argentina

Paula joined Connectis 17 years ago right after she earned her professional degree. Today, as head of the production management service, she is in charge of a group of 50 people that never stops: she provides service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays and weekends.

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Leandro Renzi, Senior Account Manager at Connectis Brazil

Leandro is a computer engineer, who graduated from Unopar, Londrina, Paraná. “Attached to family and friends, with the need to be close to people. I work for goals and I love challenges. I always want to grow, improve and learn. I am basically a restless person.” This is how Leandro defines himself.

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Francinara Farias, Senior Project Manager at Connectis Brazil

She studied Computer Science and fell in love with programming. “As a child, I had certain difficulties with mathematics, but a teacher helped me and from that moment I love it and I am very good at it. I’m into logic and numbers. I like to talk to the programmers, to understand all the aspects that are behind a development. I learn a lot from them.”

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Jessica Ahumada, Sales Executive at Connectis Chile

She arrived at Connectis in 2017 after 15 years in the commercial area of different companies dedicated to technology. Cheerful, attached to her family, with great friends and affection, capable of putting herself in the place of others, lover of traditions and typical Chilean food, satisfied with her personal and professional path, and excited by the opportunity she has had to contribute to the well-being of people with whom she has come across in life.

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Julieta Remollino, HRBP at Connectis Argentina

Julieta Remollino has a degree in Labor Relations (UBA), has a specialization in Organizational Development (ITBA) and Compensations and Benefits (UBA), is certified in HR Business Partner (UTDT) and every year she takes update courses related to her area. Although she joined Connectis Argentina a relatively short time ago, she feels fully integrated into the team and the company.

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Iván Molero, Latam Financial Director at Connectis

Passionate about the world of economy, enterprises and business, the Financial Director for Connectis, a native of Granada, has lived in Ireland, England, Saudi Arabia and now Chile. He assures that he would do the same degree again with eyes closed while remembering how he enjoyed his studies in Business Administration and Management.

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Diego Gómez, Operations Director for Connectis Chile

1999 is a significant year for Diego Gómez: he married Cecilia and joined Connectis as a programmer analyst. These two decades have been very active in the company, with new challenges each year and permanent growth, until he became the Director of Operations for Chile this year. His vocation is technology and his passion is the professional development of people.

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