Connectis Chile has established an alliance with Fundación Chilenter

Location: Santaigo de Chile
Date: 30 October, 2022

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

At Connectis, we have decided to seek an alliance with an organization that guarantees a socially and ecologically responsible destination for that equipment that no longer meet the demanding performance specifications, typical of the technology sector.

What to do with PCs and technological components in disuse?

According to a 2021 survey supported by UNESCO, 45% of lower-income children in Chile did not have access to a computer during the years of the pandemic when they had to study remotely.

By 2027, it is estimated that in Chile we will generate 14 kilos of electronic scrap per inhabitant in Chile. And if we do not make transformations, electronic scrap will increase by 46.5% for that year.

For all these reasons, we have established an alliance with Fundación Chilenter, which seeks to build a society where technology is an effective and sustainable means for the inclusion and development of people. Since its foundation, Chilenter has delivered 112,000 computers to more than 11,600 educational establishments and more than 4,500 social organizations. It has also processed more than 2,500 tons of electronic waste, such as processors, RAM memories, printers, CPUs, cables, printed circuits, DVD players, CDs, cell phones and Ipads, among other components.

Felipe Parra, Marketing Manager for Latam, and Ana María Galleguillos, HRBP Chile, in Chilenter office.

In our first transfer to Chilenter, we have delivered 29 notebooks, 27 CPUs and 30 notebook chargers, among various other components. At Connectis, we are very happy for this opportunity to contribute to the children of Chile and sustainability.