Connectis in the press

Location: Santiago de Chile
Date: 3 February, 2023

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

Letter to the editor: Too few women in the IT industry

At Connectis, we are committed to gender equality and increasing female participation in the IT industry. Our director Elisabete Mleczak reflects on the subject and invites us to work on objectives and deadlines in this letter published by Diario Financiero.

Madam Director,
As your newspaper article “The complexities women face in the IT industry” points out, there are wage gaps, unequal visibility of their work and cultural barriers. According to the study carried out by SAP and ACTI, only 2 out of 10 positions in the industry are held by women. The low female presence in the technology industry is a deficiency that not only impacts the sector, but also the country’s development.

The participation gap in the tech industry is not just a matter of gender equity in the abstract. Let’s look at just two examples.

The technology industry needs women at all levels so that its solutions can benefit society as a whole and avoid gender biases that affect the efficiency of applications since half of the users are women. Known are the biases of certain AI solutions that diminish their capabilities.

And society needs more women to join this industry because the IT sector shows greater growth, will be sustained over time and offers better economic prospects, something especially important in an economic context like the current one.

Increasing female participation requires the collaborative work of all. Let’s set goals and deadlines to achieve it.

Elisabete Mleczak
Director of Connectis LATAM