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Boustead Projects is a private-sector market leader in the delivery of Green Mark Platinum- rated industrial projects. It is a part of the 192 years old Boustead Singapore group, that manages a leasehold portfolio of over 3.7 million square feet in gross floor area. With more than 160 projects completed across four countries, Boustead Projects has continued to transform the real estate landscape through the deployment of cutting edge technologies.


Boustead Projects has embarked on the development of Smart Buildings that will redefine the user experience and improve operational efficiency. Such smart buildings will not only offer new services to tenants, employees and visitors but also avoid cumbersome and manual operational tasks, manpower redundancy and facility management overload.

Connectis has collaborated with Boustead Projects to help them progressively transform their property portfolio, automate operational processes, control building infrastructures, keep essential services running after office hours and improve user satisfaction.


We deployed a modular Smart Solution that was scalable across assets portfolio and geographies, aimed to make building systems work collaboratively and monitor the key aspects at play in the building. Connectis Smart Building solution included 3 Core components and many specific add-ons ready to fulfil each building requirement:

Core components

  1. Integration Hub: to connect the different building systems (HVAC, Lifts, Doors, Turnstiles, Electronics Parking, Billing, …. ).
  2. Smart Building Mobile App: to allow the building employee to report a building fault, to request for an HVAC extension or to book a parking lot or a facility (any interaction, anytime, anywhere).
  3. Single Pane of Glass: a web-portal to manage all the building services in an optimal way.

Specific Add-ons

  1. Smart Access Control: Face Recognition to provide access to the building along with the other checks such as body temperature, mask detection, and report back to the government.
  2. Visitor Management: a kiosk application at the lobby and a web pre-register process to reduce or eliminate a visitor’s waiting time in the building. It also includes face recognition capabilities.
  3. Facilities Booking: to facilitate and optimize the process to book any shared space inside the building.
  4. HVAC connectivity: to update the climatization schedule after office hours in relation to the user needs.
  5. Electronic Parking Systems: integrate the parking lot booking process with the parking usage.
  6. Billing system connectivity: ability to collect any consumption data from building tenants and integrate with the billing systems to prepare monthly invoices.

WHY Connectis

Over the years, we have accumulated a strong business knowledge to conceptualise, design and deliver Smart Buildings. We work with Real Estate firms, Hospitals, Retail and Transport Operators and are fully aware of the challenges to increase building efficiency and improve user experience. We have worked with Boustead to conceptualise the smart uses cases that could add value inside their buildings and design the best technical architecture to support them.

Our Smart Spaces solutions are built on a modular, open-source, flexible and scalable platform that is both vendor and technology- agnostic. Independently of the systems, vendors and technologies deployed inside a building, we can integrate all of them to create a really collaborative environment.

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