Fernando Artea, Head of Sales for Connectis in Brazil

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

Better known as Artea, according to what he says, Fernando has a very particular professional career, with a path that has taken him to the place he is today.

Worker since his youth, Fernando came to the sales area thinking of providing technical knowledge and aware of communication and leadership skills. Artea, the engineer passionate the engineer who is passionate about talking with people, spending time with his family and soccer (“Palmeiras” being his team at heart).

He studied Computer Engineering and did an MBA in Finance. He started early (at the age of 18) in the corporative world, first with his father and later in the help desk, infrastructure and user support area. Five years later, he was already the coordinator of the group revealing his talent as a team leader. That was when he turned his career around to become a consultant with SAP. He thus passed from the infrastructure area to the business area, implementing ERP systems. Still, he remained as a technology contributor “and in business areas, you don’t talk too much with IT world. So, I did the MBA in Finance. First, I started by understanding the technical business area such as financial statements and accounting”. He began to approach the consulting area first as head of Presales of a large company and later as Sales Director of the same company. He was there for more than ten years, purchases and mergers included.

Fernando in the stadium with his team “Palmeiras”

“When I was in the technical area, I was different from the others because I like to talk, listen and connect with others. So, when they invited me from Sales area, I thought what I could contribute there, if everyone in Sales is a good communicator. Then I realized that I would bring the technical vision. For me, a coffee with a client should be 80% dedicated to talking about everything in general and also about personal aspects because, in the end, we are people, and 20 or 30% should be about the market and technology. Clients don’t have too much time; you have to be efficient. For this reason, I try to solve the problems or business objectives by listening and contributing the technological alternatives that we have available.”

One of the aspects of Connectis that Fernando highlights has to do precisely with the centrality of the client. “What I like the most is when a client calls us for help with any questions, when he calls us to solve a problem, to look for alternatives, to get our opinion. Our clients look to us to talk about technology, to help them take the next step in their strategy.” For this engineer, it is important that each member of the team feels that his main focus is the client. “I tell them ‘It’s not the shareholders’ meeting, it’s not your boss, it’s not your partner, it’s our client”.

Fernando highlights the ethics and transparency of Connectis, as one of the values that makes him most proud. “Being part of a company that can offer credibility to customers seems fundamental to me to be satisfied, happy and eager. From both collaborators and clients, anyone can trust that Connectis will behave as promised.”

Clients also value the fact that, as a multinational, the company brings them the trends that are being observed in other places. “Clients appreciate us sharing new technologies and how their same challenges are being solved in other parts of the world.”

Fernando's family

He is in love with São Paulo, the city where he was born, studied and always lived. He believes that “it offers many opportunities to meet people, to go out, to have fun. I have thought about moving away from the city a bit, but the truth is that the four of us – my wife Milena and my children Henrique (9) and Maria (6) – love living in São Paulo”. And although every year he considers taking up jiu jitsu again (a while ago he came to teach this martial art), each time he finds a reason to put it off.

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

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