Iván Molero, Latam Financial Director at Connectis

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

Passionate about the world of economy, enterprises and business, the Financial Director for Connectis, a native of Granada, has lived in Ireland, England, Saudi Arabia and now Chile. He assures that he would do the same degree again with eyes closed while remembering how he enjoyed his studies in Business Administration and Management.

He arrived in South America almost ten years ago to assume financial responsibility for Connectis Chile. A lover of travel and history, he wanted to get to know South America, he says. When asked what he knew about Chile, he conscientiously answered “it is a very long country with the driest desert in the world in the north and an area of glaciers, perpetual snow and forests in the south; the capital is Santiago, one of the most modern cities with the best infrastructure in South America”. He also knew artists like Neruda and Violeta Parra and had followed the country’s recent history. Three years after his arrival in Chile, in 2016, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer for the entire region.

When Iván talks about the more technical topics, he is overflowing with enthusiasm: “the day-to-day challenges are invoicing in due time and form, cash flow, analysis of financial economic ratios, profitability ratio, control of deviations. There are many challenges, but we are happy and we know that we are going to have a year with a lot of work and very satisfying”. Beyond the technical, what excites Iván the most is the versatility of the equipment, a hallmark of the company. “The good thing about working at Connectis Latam is that we are versatile collaborators; that is, we do everything and do not pigeonhole ourselves in certain tasks. I always tell my team that we learn from everything: we are responsible for accounting, treasury, legal, and purchasing area. That means we collaborate with all areas and therefore have a fairly systemic understanding.”

The history of Connectis is not linear, says Iván, like almost no other. In South America, the scenarios are complex and require a great capacity for adaptation and resilience. The result is that Connectis has achieved a strong brand positioning in the three countries -Chile, Argentina and Brazil-, has expanded and diversified its client portfolio and has experienced significant growth in its teams.

“The truth is that it is super interesting to analyze how we have achieved this position in the market. I think it has to do with the role we occupy for the client. Our clients have us as a reference for their development and for solving problems. They consult us first because we are a safe supplier, which generates a lot of confidence. They are relationships based on years of work very well done”.

The different shareholding changes that the different branches in the region have gone through, since their constitution, and which are very frequent in this industry, have not affected that client confidence. “In theory, these changes could cause restlessness and nervousness in clients, but the truth is that we have taken them very calmly and they have continued to trust us and the results are visible.”

Iván is clear that 2023 will not be easy because the macroeconomic scenario in the different markets is uncertain and loaded with variables to consider. For this reason, at Connectis they evaluate “how we could improve by optimizing the work we do for our clients”. Far from being paralyzed by fear, the Financial Director affirms that “the growth plans continue, and we will continue to face the challenges of next year. Technology is a priority area for all companies and it has to be constantly updated and continuously improved”.

A central issue for the Finance area is the quality and order of our processes. “We are certified by the ISO 9001 standard, and in 2023 we will proceed to its reapproval, which will lead us to renew the guarantee of excellence.”

An Andalusian from Granada, Iván says amused that when asked, he assures that he would go back to study Business Administration and Management “with my eyes closed because I love the world of economics, enterprises and business. He enjoyed each subject, listening to his teacher, and studying the subjects. I remember it as a time when I felt super happy! Since he was young, when he was studying, he went to the kiosk every week to look for Capital Magazine. “I loved reading it in its entirety because it had super interesting articles on successes, business creation and also failures. I was passionate about it.”

He began his career in a small company in Granada, from where he emigrated to Madrid to develop himself professionally. For a time, he combined two jobs: as an accountant in the morning and as a coordinator of different master’s degrees at a business school, in the afternoons. On July 7, 2008 –the day of San Fermín- he joined Telvent Abengoa. The first challenge came two years later when he received the offer to become the financial manager of the subsidiary in Saudi Arabia. Although he was scared of the idea, he did not miss the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. After that experience, Iván was left with the idea that he was already prepared to live in any country. “I have learned to be a citizen of the world, to see the positive and the negative of my country, of the countries where I have lived, and of the country where I live. From Chile, one of the most beautiful things about being in this country is receiving the visit of my friends here, that they know where I am living and traveling in Chile with them”.

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

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