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Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

Julieta Remollino has a degree in Labor Relations (UBA), has a specialization in Organizational Development (ITBA) and Compensations and Benefits (UBA), is certified in HR Business Partner (UTDT) and every year she takes update courses related to her area. Although she joined Connectis Argentina a relatively short time ago, she feels fully integrated into the team and the company.

She considers herself passionate about her work and is an enthusiast for the culture of change, in every sense of the word. “For me, change is one of the few constants we have in life.” She highly values the transmission of knowledge and learning and remembers with appreciation the words that a colleague transmitted to her some time ago: “when you are new to an organization, when you join a project or from the place that you happen to be, something has to change”. And that’s what she tries to do since she arrived at Connectis Argentina with the team: “transform to improve.”

The concern for people that Connectis shows in every action and communication is what convinced Julieta to join the company. “Only by taking care of our collaborators can we take care of customers. The objective is to empower and address the various needs and concerns of the people who make up Connectis so that we can provide the best service to our customers. Leaders spend time listening to their teams, giving meaning to their work and promoting the development of each one”.

Communication with employees is one of the main objectives of Human Resources, as is the relationship with customers for the operations and commercial areas. “We maintain a very solid relationship with the internal customer, it is part of the company’s culture. Specifically, we are trying to enhance one-on-one communication to personalize the experience of each collaborator. There’s a lot of work to do and a way to go, but we’re on the right track.”

Julieta also enjoys learning about the Connectis business to gain an in-depth understanding of how its products and services impact the world.

Contributing to integration and respect for differences, promoting debate and constructive dialogue are key points on the agenda that Julieta wishes to promote from HR by 2023. To do this, she refers to a phrase that she applies as a philosophy of life: “if you ask in a good way, sooner or later, the answer will be as expected.

Julieta did not come to the technology industry by chance. She analyzed the market and understood that technology is one of the most dynamic industries and is the one that is leading the main transformations in the world. In this search, she came across Connectis which was looking for a restless and proactive professional. “I was looking for a company that trusted me to implement projects for people management. So, it was a match of expectations.”

She says that she finished her Labor Relations degree at the University of Buenos Aires “very young because I loved studying and I was passionate about reading and taking exams… I know it’s a bit of a nerd,” she laughs. As soon as she finished her degree, she began specializing in Organizational Development at the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires, one of the most prestigious universities in the country. She points out that this training gave her a perspective focused on processes and structures, which came to complement the vision of Human Resources. “All my specializations and courses have allowed me to learn how to turn the People area into the best support and support for the core of the business to achieve the best performance and provide solutions to customers.” She plans to continue studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Organizational Coaching.

Although she admits to being quite a workaholic, in the good sense of the term, she understood some time ago that “only by finding an adequate balance between personal and work life can good levels of efficiency and productivity be achieved at work, without overtime becoming a worry”.

Julieta’s family

In this search for balance, Julieta also gives herself the space to take care of her health. “I like to train because to perform physical activity you must have discipline, perseverance and dedication, three things that completely identify me. In addition, in the field of the gym, I meet and share with people who are dedicated to other areas of study or work, so the topics of conversation are completely different. The truth is that I like to meet people who are dedicated to other areas, to be able to have other perspectives on life”.

Julieta was born and raised in General Rodríguez, a small city an hour from the Argentine capital. Distance is not an obstacle to reconnecting with her affections and recharging her batteries. “I am very attached to my family. It is a possibility for me to go to study and work abroad, to continue specializing in what I studied, but if I do, I am sure that I would return to live in my country since I like to be close to my family and friends. I have my brothers, nephews, uncles, cousins, a very big and beautiful family,” she confesses.

She has been dedicated to Human Resources for 8 years. She began working in her area in her second year of college, when she was only 19 years old, prompted by a professor who told her about the importance of practical experience in order to “fix the knowledge that is in the books.” Her career began as part of the HR team at a meatpacking company and then she spent several years working at an oil company, just before coming to Connectis.

Julieta travelling with her friends in Mendoza, Argentina

“In these years I have learned that it is very important to know yourself in order to bond in a healthy way with your co-workers. It is important to be aware of those things that we do not like about our personality, in order to convert them into something positive that generates a good impact on the lives of the people with whom we live”.

Since she arrived at Connectis, she has challenged herself to become the co-worker and leader she would have liked to have. “At Connectis we always say ‘how can I help you?’ because we think that leaders have to be the facilitators of our teams. It is important that people feel that the company trusts all its teams so that we can achieve the best of ourselves. In a people-centered organizational culture like ours, leaders become coaches and mentors who help people reach their best potential. That’s why I think it’s a great company for young professionals with high expectations. Those people who are looking to develop their careers and make their mark in the world of technology will have made the right choice by choosing Connectis.”

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

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