Leandro Renzi, Senior Account Manager at Connectis Brazil

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

Leandro is a computer engineer, who graduated from Unopar, Londrina, Paraná. “Attached to family and friends, with the need to be close to people. I work for goals and I love challenges. I always want to grow, improve and learn. I am basically a restless person.” This is how Leandro defines himself.

His professional career began as a Java developer and soon became a project manager, a position he held in various IT companies in Brazil. In all these years, Leandro was focused on technology, although he was already taking his first steps toward the commercial area.

“It was purely a technical role, but I was in a management position connecting with customers on a day-to-day basis. I often played the sales role without realizing it. I would start a few projects and grow the team without consciously seeking it out.” He believes that maintaining such a close relationship with customers, as a natural consequence of monitoring technology, led him to exercise this commercial role. “At that time, they called me to be a Senior Manager and to take care of both the technical operation and the commercial contact.”

His arrival in Connectis a little less than a year ago is marked with affection in his memory. “I was very well received and I feel that I am surrounded by teams and managers that are very close, very careful and concerned.” Leandro points out that together with the human quality of those who make Connectis, it is “a company with a very clear objective and a great desire to achieve the proposed objectives”.

“I see Connectis as a global company, very strong, with a very competent professional team. It is a prosperous company, whose main challenge is the continuity of the expansion of the operation in Brazil.” Leandro serves customers in various sectors such as agriculture, health, other consultancies and banks.

Tamaris and Leandro

He came to the company intending to collaborate with the commercial team to consolidate Connectis’s position in Brazil, and expand the customer portfolio. “At Connectis I assume commercial responsibility, but always with this training, this technical knowledge based on my entire career in technology.”

Leandro likes challenges and that is what motivated him to join Connectis. “I was seduced by the idea of collaborating with this multinational that seeks to grow in Brazil. The truth is that I feel very happy for having joined such a stable company with such strong foundations that provide the necessary peace of mind to carry out work with excellence.” Leandro was born in Assis, a city in the interior of the state of São Paulo, from where he emigrated at the age of 17 to study in Londrina. At the age of 24, he went to São Paulo. “I like the fast-paced life of the city and also the tranquility of the inner cities.” He enjoys free time together with his partner Tamiris, his friends and his family. He loves the beach, playing soccer and working out in the gym.

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

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