Paola Sapino, Operations Director at Connectis Argentina

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

Paola Sapino, married, with two children (Agustina 28 and Martín 14) was born almost 50 years ago in Córdoba, Argentina, although her accent does not denote it because she has been losing that “singing” tone so characteristic of the people of Córdoba). As a Capricorn passionate about her work, she plans her work day at Connectis when the first rays of the sun appear in Greater Buenos Aires. The obligations seem to go hand in hand with the requirements of the clients, so the reality is similar to 24/7.

Since she arrived at the company in 2010 and after receiving her second child, Paola, who today holds the position of Director of Operations, has experienced some changes. Everything that she has lived, according to her comments, is an experience that she adds to her personal development and that of the organization

“My career prior to Connectis was related to systems in financial institutions for more than 10 years…then I said to myself, ‘why not change business and take a turn?’ And that’s when I joined the company in services applied to telecommunications and I thought it was a nice topic to explore. Although at first, I did not have much projection to stay for so long, the ‘Connectis culture’ caught me and made me continue to this day,” she recalls

Paola’s family

The arrival of the pandemic represented a great challenge for the company, which affected everyone in a transversal way and at all levels -family, health, labor and economic uncertainty-, it transversally challenged people and companies and Connectis was not oblivious to that. However, according to Sapino, “the continuity in the provision of services surprised us for the better, since we were able to adapt quickly, even in those teams in which remote work practice was not usual.”

The transformation of traditional work and training processes allowed us to establish new practices to provide the best solutions to our clients. The result was excellent, especially due to the commitment of the employees of each team, who redoubled efforts promoting the use of various communication channels and greater integration to provide quality services.

When Paola talks about Connectis, it is as if she were telling about her personal purpose. “Human value is what characterizes us and it is not something only from Argentina. I have seen that in the other subsidiaries (Brazil and Chile) the same is true: camaraderie, camaraderie, attendance and team cohesion. Then it is something that becomes a seal. And this goes hand in hand with a commitment to technological innovation and continuous improvement. We have a phrase that we coin as a motto: “We actively listen to the client in what he asks, to propose the solution he needs, accompanying him in the transformation process in compliance with his objectives”

Paola’s Connectis team

Currently, Paola Sapino leads a team of just over 200 people and is proud of the responsibility that this entails. She knows that this great team of committed professionals is capable of solving any challenge. “At Connectis we have a team of leaders with great versatility to adapt to dynamic models. We focus on enhancing the skills of our collaborators and continue in the professional development of each one towards new technologies. Ultimately, what we seek is to continue promoting opportunities and knowledge to continue growing in the market. I will continue to work together with my colleagues to achieve our goals and those of our clients.

Felipe Parra

Marketing Manager

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