Evolving and innovating in the quality process.

Quality Assurance

The agility of your business relies heavily on the applications used to execute tasks and accelerate processes, not only in terms of their functionality but also their usability, interoperability with other systems and applications, and performance – all of these critical elements in the QA process.

The importance of Quality Assurance

Embedding Quality Assurance in the software development process is critical. Only in this way will it be possible to incorporate continuous improvement of quality processes while delivering state-of-the-art applications, in time, scope, within budget, and in line with customer needs 

At Connectis, we focus on detecting defects as soon as they appear to address them quickly and correct them before the software is released. We have a standard process with a vision of seeking excellence in our practices and delivering value to our customers:  

  • Understand the requirement
  • Design the test cases
  • Determine what is automated and what is not
  • Plan the necessary cycles to satisfy quality and value
  • Execute,measure results,learn, and improve 
  • Introduce software improvements and iterate


With this, we capitalise on our practices and expertise, from the early stages of gathering requirements and user stories to the end-user experience. 


What makes us unique?

Blending Agile approaches with waterfall methods is our preferred standard. UX testing is applied early in the development process, in line with our focus on the digital experience. Increased automation allows us to meet the growing demands for digital transformation testing and reuse. Successfully combining agile development, DevOps, and Bimodal Methodologies is a constant challenge in the value chain for QA.

At Connectis, we ensure a complete quality management system for your products and services under rigorous planning and control of processes and outcomes.

We have been providing this service in the market for more than 10 years, combining methodologies, tools, certifications, and human capital.

Only together can we reimagine the digital future. Testing planning is proactive and anticipated, preventing it from becoming a bottleneck. For QA activities, we adjust our strategy to the reality of each product and the customer’s organisational culture.

Today we are a team of 300+ experts applying these practices.


Project Squads Per Year




Years Of Experience

Testing Management Office (TMO)

Ensures compliance with our clients’ testing quality policies and strategies.

Code Inspection

The later a defect is found, the more expensive it will be to repair. Our methodology applies quality assurance from the beginning of the development process.

Testing Factory

We cover the entire scope: functional and technical, performance, automation, and constantly checking that the software meets business expectations.

Automation - RPA

We incorporate methods for running tests without human intervention, which would otherwise require it.

Performance Testing

It allows the team to measure performance, workloads, and use cases that the systems support. It also certifies the fulfillment of requirements, identifies bottlenecks, response times, and others.

Early detection of errors to deliver a superior digital experience

Errors may appear during the design and development phases but are usually caught during acceptance testing and production, where they are more expensive to correct.

We get involved as early as possible in the process to ensure quality, offering value to our clients, and reimagining the digital experience.

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